UIST NEWS MONDAY 16th JULY A bright start to the day here in Uist today, we are forecast to have periods of sunshine this afternoon with temperatures of up to 15℃.  We had a very wet and breezy weekend here, the much needed rain was welcomed by the crofters and gardeners though! A Redwing was spotted on Barra at the weekend. With a striking ginger-red underwing, it is not difficult to see where the Redwing derives its name from. It is up to 24cm long with a wingspan of up to 35cm and weighs up to 75g. They are identifiable not only by their red underwings, but also by the creamy-white, conspicuous strip they have above their eyes. They have a high-pitched "zztseep" call which can be heard on a clear night as they pass by on the wing. The male has a varied short song and a whistling flight call.


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Prue Leith, "the best in the world".




Hebridean Smokehouse is located on the Isle of North Uist - part of the Outer Hebridean archipelago west of the Scottish mainland. The pristine clean waters that surround our shores support all the salmon and sea trout we use to make our special peat and beechwood smoked products and the small local inshore fishing fleet land the very best scallops for us to smoke with locally-cut peat.


We have been smoking locally reared and landed fish and shellfish here on North Uist for nearly 30 years. It is the combination of excellent fish and the skills of our expert team that has earned Hebridean Smokehouse a reputation for producing the very best smoked salmon.








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