Not the easiest question to answer.


Deciding how much you will need of any product is, needless to say, a very open ended question given that we all differ in our appetites, not to mention how combinations of foods will influence how much is required. With this in mind we have tried to make suggestions on what you might expect were you to be offered our products in a restaurant with a generous patron.


Peat Smoked Salmon

Peat Smoked Sea Trout

Peat Smoked Scallops

Peat Smoked Lobster

Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon and Sea Trout


Peat, Whisky Barrel and Beechwood Smoked Salmon


A restaurant would give you about 65g per person if it was simply a smoked salmon first course, so...

125g packet of slices, enough for 2

250g packet of slices, enough for 4

Whole sides need a different calculation as the weight of the side includes the skin which obviously would not be served. So...


600g Sliced,unsliced side, enough for 6-7 people

725g Sliced,unsliced side, enough for 7-8 people

850g Sliced,unsliced side, enough for 8-9 people

975g Sliced,unsliced side, enough for 10-11 people

1.1kg Sliced,unsliced side, enough for 12-13 people


We must point out that these calculations are based on our own hand-slicing and if you are less than competent with the skill we very much recommend you leave it to us.


If you are using smoked salmon as the focus of a main course we would suggest 100g per person and for canapés a 125g packet should make about 20 little bites on brown bread.

Peat Smoked Sea Trout


We suggest a 50g portion size for the Peat Smoked Sea Trout since its delicacy of taste really does equate to "less is more". So...


100g packet of slices, enough for 2

450g Sliced side, enough for 6

550g Sliced side, enough for 7-8

650g Sliced side, enough for 8-9


100g packet of slices, enough for 15 canapé bites on brown bread


Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon and Sea Trout


A generous restauranteur would use 70-80g of the Peat Smoke Roasted fish when served as a first course and 130g per person when the focus of a main course. So...


260g fillet of Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon or Sea Trout, enough for 3-4 first courses or 2 main courses.


1kg whole side of Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon, enough for 13-14 first courses or 7-8 main courses.


Peat Smoked Scallops


Served as a first course our patron would use 50g per person with perhaps less if used as a focus for a salad. So...


100g packet of slices, enough for 2

If our restaurant were using the scallops to finish a wild mushroom risotto the 100g would be enough to have a real taste impact on a risotto for 4 people.


Peat Smoked Lobster


Our Peat Smoked Lobster Tail is fabulously rich and we would not recommend serving this rare delicacy alone as a first course. Rather, we would suggest you use it either as the taste focus of canapés or as part of a smoked selection. So...


100g Peat Smoked Lobster Tail will give 14-16 canapés or 5x 20g portions as part of a selection.





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