The Hebridean Smokehouse is located on North Uist, part of the Scottish Outer Hebridean archipelago that lies off the extreme northwest of the British mainland.


This long island chain that extends from Isle of Lewis in the north down to Isle of Barra to the south and with the Atlantic Ocean to the west receives the full force of westerly gales and storms.The warming effects of the North Atlantic currents that sweep up from the south keep these islands almost frost free in winter at low levels and relatively cool in the summer.


North Uist is an island that, seen from the air, appears to be as much water as land with a concentrated patchwork of freshwater lochs dominating the landscape. This watery scene is most pronounced on the east side where the lochs are bounded by peaty moorland - a living and growing environment bought about by changes to the climate many thousands of years ago.


Hebridean Smokehouse began life as a small business here on North Uist in about 1983 with the trading name of Mermaid Fish supplies, owned and run by George and Rosemary Jackson. Mermaid mainly supplied local islanders with fresh white fish landed on Uist and latterly, with the aquisition of a small smoking kiln, the Jacksons started peat smoking the cod, haddock and locally farmed salmon.


With the retirement of Mr and Mrs Jackson in 2000 the business was taken forward by Fergus and Anne Granville and the name Hebridean Smokehouse introduced. Since they took over, the smokehouse has grown in size with a new building and a larger kiln that now smokes all the salmon, seatrout and shellfish in the Hebridean range - although sadly none of the whitefish once landed so regularly here in the Outer Hebrides.


Today Hebridean Smokehouse employs around 12 local people all year round with many more joining the team at Christmas. The quality of our products and the reputation enjoyed by the smokehouse is down to the expertise of our production staff, who take such care in producing the very best possible from the very best raw materials.


All of the salmon and sea trout used by Hebridean Smokehouse is farmed in the waters that surround the Hebridean Isles and is reared for us to the highest standards by The Scottish Salmon Company. The peat we smoke these fantastic products with is cut from the abundant moorland reserves on North Uist.




Like the lobster, scallops are fished from the waters around Uist coming mainly from the area between Uist and the Scottish mainland. Again the boats fishing for these premium quality shellfish are family-owned vessels whose catch is landed locally at the harbour of Kallin on the tiny Isle Grimsay at North Uists southern boundary.



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