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Peat Smoked Salmon   
125g Hand-finished slices£11.85
250g Hand-finished slices£21.85
725g Salmon Sliced Side£52.20
850g Salmon Sliced Side£59.60
975g Unsliced Whole Side£55.95
1kg Unsliced Whole side£61.50
Beechwood Smoked Salmon   
125g Hand-finished slices£11.85
250g Hand-finished slices£21.85
975g Unsliced Whole Side£55.95
1.1kg Unsliced Whole Side£63.00
Whisky Barrel Oak Smoked Salmon   
125g Hand-finished Slices£11.85
250g Hand-finished Slices£21.85
Hebridean Gravlax   
100g Beetroot Gravlax slices£11.95
100g Classic Gravlax slices£12.25
Peat Smoked Scallops   
100g Hand-cut slices£14.25
Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon   
Peat Roasted Salmon Slices 150g£11.50
Peat Smoke Roasted Side 700g £41.95
Peat Smoke Roasted Side 800g£45.00
Peat Smoke Roasted Side 900g £51.00
Peat Smoke Roasted Side 1kg £56.00
Peat Smoked Mackerel   
200g Peat Smoke Roasted Mackerel£7.55
250g Peat Smoke Roasted Mackerel£8.70
Bradan is Gruth   
140g Bradan is Gruth Sorry, out of stock.
Smoked Salmon Pates   
90g pot Peat Smoked Salmon Pate£7.00
90g pot Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon£7.00
Pate Double, one pot of each pate type£14.00
Gift Selections   
Hot Smoked Salmon and Horseradish Sauce£16.00
Gravlax, Dill Sauce and Oatcakes£19.85
Pate and Oatcakes£20.25
Hebridean Salmon Portfolio£34.25
Hebridean Selection£34.95
Hebridean Trio£36.95
Hebridean Collection£62.00
Downpour Gin and Gravlax£18.50
Highland Spirit£19.95
Burgundy and Smoked Salmon£24.95
Champagne and Smoked Salmon£34.95
Balvenie and Smoked Salmon£47.95
Bruichladdich and Smoked Salmon£47.95
Talisker and Peat Smoked Salmon Sorry, out of stock.
Fine Wine and Smoked Salmon£59.95
MacLeans Hebridean Oatcakes£3.25
Dill Mustard Sauce 140g£4.55
Strong Horseradish Sauce 140g£4.55
Hebridean Cocktail Oatcakes£3.25
Seaweed Water Biscuits£3.95
Hebridean Wool and Throws   
Hebridean Sheepskin£110.00
490g Heb Wool£34.00
Hebridean Style   
Hebridean Beanie Hat Red£12.95
Hebridean Beanie Hat Blue£12.95
Hebridean Beanie Hat Grey£12.95
10 Assorted Hebridean Postcards£4.00
Hebridean Snow Folded Card x10£12.95
Hebridean Snow Folded Card x5£6.95
Fuschia Pink Apron£19.95
Midnight Black Apron Sorry, out of stock.
Deep Purple Apron£19.95
Turquoise Blue Apron£19.95
1654 Blaeu Table Mats£39.95
Blaeu Map£22.50
The Gift Shop   
North Uist Beanie Hat Red£12.95
North Uist Beanie Hat Blue£12.95
North Uist Beanie Hat Grey£12.95
Gift Vouchers   
Corncrake Card£10.00
Uist Beach Card£10.00
Hebridean Lambs Card£10.00
Ragged Robin Card Sorry, out of stock.
Otter Card£10.00
Orchid Card£10.00
Christmas Card£10.00

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