About Hebridean Sheep


The breed of Hebridean sheep is a small primitive type. Their distinctive black fleece, which turns grey with age, marks them out in the landscape, and the younger wool of the lambs tends to bleach brown in the clean bright sunshine.


They are an ancient breed, and native to the Hebridean islands. Both ewes and rams have horns - ram lambs are born with horns. Some sheep are multi-horned - a few rams have spectacular 4 horn head-sets, rather than the more standard pair of thick coiled horns.


Hebridean Sheep are small and hardy. They lamb easily and make excellent mothers. Being small and thrifty, they overwinter well, and as they are light-footed, wet ground is less of a problem for them than for larger animals.


A female sheep over a year old is called a ewe hogg or gimmer until she has her first lamb, when she becomes a ewe. Hebridean Sheep tend to have one lamb the first time, and after that can have singles, twins, or very occasionally triplets.


Our "Hebs" on North Uist are still clipped by hand, using shears whose design has not changed in hundreds of years.


Pure Hebridean Wool Throws


Our Hebridean Wool throws are made from the fleeces of local Hebridean Sheep. The wool is spun, then woven on small looms, and finally the surface is lightly felted and the fringe created. Incredibly snug and very warm, they are perfect for chilly evenings. Naturally beautiful, they will last a generation.


Dry clean or very gentle hand-wash. Never wring, spin or tumble dry - you wouldn't do that to a sheep!



 Colour - A sumptuous deep dark chocolate brown, lightly flecked with palest grey - a mixture of wool shorn from the yearlings and the older sheep in the flock. Hebridean sheep acquire some grey wool as they mature. Natural colour, straight from the sheep.



Full Throw - 192cm x 154cm (77 inches x 62 inches)

Half Throw - 96cm x 77cm (39 inches x 31 inches)




Hanks of Wool


Gorgeous deep chocolate brown wool, flecked with the occasional strand of grey. When knitted up it creates beautiful woollen clothes that will see you through many chilly evenings and winter months for years to come.


As the natural lanolin is still in the wool, it is quite waterproof. It also softens your hands while knitting. Ideal for hand or machine knitting - knits up like Aran weight or double knitting wool. Handwash garments when made up only.


Hanks approximately 200g

4 x 200g makes a jumper up to 38 inch chest

5 x 200g makes a jumper up to 44 inch chest





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Hebridean Sheepskin£77.00
300g Heb Wool£17.00
Hebridean Wool Throw£95.00

Hebridean sheep on North Uist

Mother and lamb

Traditional shearing

Hebridean Throws

Hebridean Wool

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