Hebridean Sea Trout lightly smoked

with a delicate taste and texture


Our award winning Peat Smoked Sea Trout is made with fish that we grow in the pristine clean seas around North Uist. These very special marine trout are descendants of the wild populations that live in the tidal pools surrounding North Uist and are the best sea trout we have ever sourced. Grown in fast flowing tidal water the sea trout have a firm flesh with a delicate texture and real marine tang that sets them apart from freshwater trout.


After hand filleting and salting, we gently smoke the sides of sea trout with locally cut peat to impart a uniquely aromatic taste before we hand-slice the smoked sides.


Our vacuum packs of premium peat smoked sea trout carry a use-by date of 14 days from dispatch and should be stored in a refrigerator immediately upon arrival. This unique high quality product is suitable for home freezing unopened with no loss of quality, taste or texture for up to 6 months.




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Peat Smoked Sea Trout with Crowdie

Hand-sliced Peat Smoked Sea Trout

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