Peat Smoked Scallops

Unique and of exceptional quality



Perfect scallops harvested from the pristine waters of the Hebrides, gently smoked and cooked over locally cut peat, and hand-sliced ready to eat.



All the natural succulence of this exceptional shellfish is captured by our careful smoking, their extraordinary sweetness is also accentuated and complemented by the uniquely aromatic flavour of peat smoke.



We buy our scallops from local family-owned boats that land their catch on North Uist and from local divers. The wonderfully clean waters around these islands provide some of the best and most abundant scallop fishing areas to be found in the UK.



Hebridean Peat Smoked Scallops are extremely versatile and can be enjoyed as a canapé on a blini with crème fraîche and caviar, as the main focus of a scallop and rocket salad, simply dressed with lemon and served with rye bread or toasted walnut bread, or as part of a smorgasbord. The addition of whole or cut slices of smoked scallop to a wild mushroom risotto immediately prior to serving, will suffuse the dish with an amazing aromatic sweetness that complements the depth of flavour given by the mushrooms - amazing.


Hebridean Peat Smoked Scallops were a finalist in the prestigious 2012 International  Prix d'Elite competition for seafood products.


Our vacuum packs of premium peat smoked scallops carry a use-by date of 14 days from dispatch and should be stored in a refrigerator immediately upon arrival. This unique high quality product is suitable for home freezing unopened with no loss of quality, taste or texture for up to 6 months.


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100g Hand-cut slices£14.50

Freshly sliced Peat Smoked Scallop

Smoked Scallop and creme fraiche blini

Smoked scallop and wild mushroom risotto

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