Hebridean Salmon smoked with Beechwood and a hint of peat.


In response to many requests from our customers, we have developed a new smoked salmon that is prepared with wood smoke and a hint of peat as an alternative to our 100% Peat Smoked Salmon.


The starting point for this lovely product is the finest quality Altlantic salmon grown for us in the cool clean waters that surround our island home. In common with our Peat Smoked Salmon, we have avoided complicated or novelty flavourings and simply smoke the fish with wood chippings from beech and the subtlest addition of our locally cut peat.


The result is a rich smoked salmon with a hint of sweetness that is best enjoyed on its own, or with traditional accompaniments used sparingly - an equal mix of creamy horseradish and crème frâiche is excellent. Chablis, a Bordeaux sauvignon or a Speyside malt whisky would match this delicious new smoked salmon very well.


Our packs of Beechwood Smoked Salmon leave us with a 21 day use-by date and should be stored in a refrigerator immediately upon arrival. Unopened packs are suitable for home freezing without loss of quality.



The products listed below are available to UK addresses and include postage and packing. If you wish to view products available to non-UK addresses, please click here - additional shipping charges apply.

2 x 70g Hand-Finished Slices£13.40
125g Hand-finished slices£11.95

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