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Tracklements Strong Horseradish Sauce 140g


A perfect accompaniment to our Smoked Salmon made in small batches by an award winning, artisinal craft producer based in Wiltshire.

Though ideal with smoked salmon, you could use it with your roast beef, and a lick of horseradish livens up mashed potato or potato salad.


Use straight from the jar at full strength or mix this excellent sauce with a little crème fraîche or Greek yoghurt to temper the heat and enjoy. Gluten Free, egg free.



Refrigerate after opening


Available in 140g jar.



Tracklements Dill Mustard Sauce 140g


A classic sauce made with fresh dill and a good measure of mustard for richness and piquancy, mouth-watering with gravadlx and smoked fish. Gluten Free, egg free.


Made in small batches by Tracklements of Wiltshire.


Refrigerate after opening.






Macleans of Benbecula Organic Oatcake Rounds


These excellent oatcakes come from our neighbouring island of Benbecula and are made by Alan Maclean and his team in their small artisan bakery.


We like the delicious nutty flavour of these biscuits and they are very good indeed with our pâtés, or smoked salmon.


As these oatcakes contain no wheat they have a lovely creany texture when chewed, and because they are only lightly salted, they are equally suitable for enjoying with jams and sweet curds.


Thicker and more substantial  than regular oatcakes, they are useful for light lunches, snacking and starters.


Each pack contains about 12 rounds and weights 140g.

Stag Bakery Seaweed Water Biscuits


These distinctive and delicious award winning water biscuits are an excellent pairing for our smoked salmon, pates  and shellfish.


The combination of light water bisciut with a hint of seaweed is very tasty indeed. The subtle marine tang from the seaweed is a real talking point if you are entertaining, and offers a unique gourmet experience.


Each pack contains about 25 crisp little cocktail rounds and weighs 125g.




Hebridean Cocktail Oatcakes

Our own oatcakes made for us by Stag Bakery in Stornoway to a traditional recipe. These small and thin oatcakes are perfect for serving canâpés - top with smoked salmon or Hebridean Gravlax. Try them spread with butter to accompany a soft boiled egg or your favourite marmalade.



Each 125g pack contains about 25 thin, crisp rounds.



Hebridean Kitchen Tablet


Tablet is the Scottish version of fudge, more crystalline and less maleable than regular fudge, it is sweet and melt in the mouth..


Made by hand at the Hebridean Kitchen - just up the road from the smokehouse - here on North Uist.


Presented in ribbon-tied bags, it is useful as a small gift or stocking filler. Alternatively you can enjoy these sweet and indulgent cubes with coffee after dinner, as a change from petit fours or chocolates.


200g ribbon-tied bag




Ashers Whisky Cakes


Ashers Bakery is in the Morayshire town of Nairn and they produce these lovely little whisky cakes presented in miniature cake tins. Each fruit cake is wonderfully moist and laced with either Highland Single Malt Whisky or a smokier, peaty Island Malt Whisky.

These very good little fruit cakes weigh 180g each and  come highly reccommended.




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Scottish Tablet Sorry, presently out of stock.
MacLeans Hebridean Oatcakes£3.30
Dill Mustard Sauce 140g£4.65
Strong Horseradish Sauce 140g£4.65
Hebridean Cocktail Oatcakes£3.30
Seaweed Water Biscuits£4.00
Highland Malt Cake Tin Sorry, presently out of stock.
Island Malt Cake Tin Sorry, presently out of stock.

Hot Horseradish Sauce

Dill Mustard Sauce

Maclean's Organic Oatcakes

Stag Seaweed Biscuits

Hebridean Cocktail Oatcakes

Scottish Tablet Fudge

Highland Malt Whisky Cake

Islay Malt Whisky Cake

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