Uist News Thursday 15th of February  Wild, wet and windy. Exactly the opposite of the forecast that we saw on Monday! At least we are having a few sunny intervals today, as the ferry ventures forth into a lumpy sea of white crested waves. Also venturing out into the weather - Hen Harriers - great views of both the brown "ring-tail" females and the ice-grey males- with their ink-tipped wings, seen quartering low over the ground, seeking voles, shrews and small birds. Still plenty of white-winged gulls - Glaucous and Iceland on the islands.


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Prue Leith, "the best in the world".




Hebridean Smokehouse is located on the Isle of North Uist - part of the Outer Hebridean archipelago west of the Scottish mainland. The pristine clean waters that surround our shores support all the salmon and sea trout we use to make our special peat and beechwood smoked products and the small local inshore fishing fleet land the very best scallops for us to smoke with locally-cut peat.


We have been smoking locally reared and landed fish and shellfish here on North Uist for nearly 30 years. It is the combination of excellent fish and the skills of our expert team that has earned Hebridean Smokehouse a reputation for producing the very best smoked salmon.








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